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The law firm of Fishman Stewart was founded in 1996 and over the last 25 years they have obtained thousands of patents and trademarks for their clients. Their attorneys have developed strategies for the management of intellectual property assets that are used by U.S and internationally based companies in many parts of the world.

The firm believes that intellectual property should be managed treated in the say way as a company would manage their other capital and they advise CEOs and other senior executives on how to make this happen in their businesses that that they can maximize the value of their intellectual capital.

Fishman Stewart has built their firm through the specialization in Intellectual Property law and now, with decades of experience, are considered a premier law firm highly respected by peers and clients. Given the complex nature of IP many of the firm’s attorneys have taken the additional step to achieve advanced technical degrees as well as acquire practical work experience so they will be better able to understand and assist their clients in maximizing the value of their creativity.

The firm has filed patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office on behalf of their clients in a wide range of sectors including Information Technology, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Chemicals, Manufacturing, and Electronics. They consistently rank in the top 10% of all U.S firms for the number of patents they obtain each year for their clients.

Similarly, regarding trademarks the firm also ranks in the top 10% nationwide for the number of successful filings. They handle all aspects of the registration process starting with initial searches through registration documentation and the ongoing management and infringement monitoring of the trademark after it has been granted.

Once a firm has taken the steps to protect their IP it is important to protect it. Litigation can be necessary to do this as well as a powerful strategic option for businesses. The firm has represented hundreds of clients in federal IP related court cases with their multidisciplinary litigation team.

Other services of the firm relating to protecting and use of your IP assets include copyrights, trade secrets, IP consulting, transactional and e-commerce services.

Having been awarded many honors by industry experts and their peers including Tier one status for their region by US News Best Law Firms and with their extensive history of satisfied clients Fishman Stewart is a highly recommended firm to handle your Intellectual Property legal needs.

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