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The law firm of Cheng Cohen is based in Chicago and their practice exclusively focuses on assists businesses with matters pertaining to Franchise law. They have a passion for client service and embrace their clients, making their problems their own. Unlike many firms they understand franchise businesses are an ever-evolving sector which requires them to facilitate solutions and not get in the way of the client’s goals.

They operate from an ethos of providing sound and practical legal advice at a fair and reasonable fee while always maintaining an uncompromising high level of client service.

Founds Amy Cheng and Fredric Cohen have worked hard to build a premier team of lawyers and supporting professionals that is highly respected in the franchise industry. Their team is plain-spoken and direct in all their communications, regularly responding to inquiries from all parties in hours instead of days or weeks.

The firm makes sure they always understand their client’s businesses and brands because every entity has unique competitive, regulatory and marketplace challenges. They offer advice and legal services under four primary categories of Compliance, Corporate, Litigation and International.


There are complex webs of federal and state laws that franchises must comply with. Examples include:

  • Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents
  • Registering with State agencies and addressing any violations
  • Negotiation, Management and Documenting relationships with Franchisees, Vendors and Licensees etc.



Common business legal matters franchises need the firm’s legal assistance with include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions or Strategic Partnerships
  • Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Finance and Lending
  • Contract Negotiations



When issues arise protection or defense of your rights in court can be provided by the firm to:

  • Enforce system standards
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Conduct corporate or internal investigations
  • Representation in Class Action suits or before state and federal regulatory agencies



Global business is common so if you have any commercial interests around the world, they can assist you with:

  • Master Franchise and area development contracts
  • International IP protections
  • Establish and help with the winding down of international joint ventures


With their focus and specialization on Franchise law it is not a surprise that US News Best Law firms has awarded Cheng Cohen with a Tier 1 national ranking in franchise law. If your business operates a franchise or is thinking to their team of experienced lawyers will be able to provide top notch advice and their commitment to service means you can connect with them and find solutions right away.

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